Waxtegic Extraction Offices.


Who we are?

We are a Mexican company exporting Candelilla wax in wholesale and retail.

Where we are located?

Our Central Office is located in Monterrey Nuevo Leon, where we quote and create the export plan.

Waxtegic History

Waxtegic arises as we observed the need to supply Candelilla wax as raw material for exportation. This bush is a protected and regulated species, so we implemented ecological strategies and natural substitutes for the acids that were used, as well as methods to reuse the land, we started exporting kilos that today are tons worldwide.

What do we do?

  • We manage and supervise the Candelilla wax supply chain, from extraction, refinement and distribution to our clients.

Waxtegic Coverage

  • Solid corporate strength committed to the environment and its ecological well-being.
  • We are at the forefront with advanced technology and new methods for the cultivation of Candelilla and the extraction of its wax.
  • We supply for national and international industries.
  • Competitive prices worldwide and guaranteed supply distinguish us.
  • Export quality covering more than 20 industries in Europe and Asia.

Waxtegic Clients

  • 90% of our customers are from various industries in the international market, mainly in America, Asia and Europe.